Red Diesel Fuel for All Your Needs
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About RediFuel

RediFuel is a San Antonio-based, emergency fueling company providing red-dyed (off-road) non-taxed diesel fuel to generators, reefers, and locomotives. Our company operates 24/7, 365 days a year, with our employees and equipment always prepared to deploy.

Our customers include standby and emergency generators. We will deliver 1 gallon or 100,000 gallons, whatever you need. There are no minimums.

Contact us anytime by calling 1-800-REDIFUEL.

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  • Red-Dyed Diesel (Off Road)

    Low emission #2 off-road non-taxed diesel fuel available for bulk delivery or direct to fuel tank delivery. Read More


  • RediFuel provides a critical service to the hospitals of South Texas. Without them, we would be unable to keep the life support services our patients need. They are so responsive to our needs that they are willing to come in the midnight hours to fuel generators and to help keep the general public protected. They have come up with game plans to correct problems with our generators and we are grateful for the work that they do.Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council (STRAC)
    Association of Hospitals and Trauma Care Providers

  • Thanks for the way that RediFuel supported us. We are very, very pleased with the way RediFuel serviced the job, communicated, kept us informed, and suggested backup. I cannot say enough about how impressed I am with RediFuel’s service.Jim Powell
    Cisco Systems

  • Your support and commitment to the Hurricane Katrina effort is greatly appreciated and made a great impact on the lives of thousands. The City of San Antonio mobilized immediately in an effort to provide food and shelter for evacuees. Your prompt attention to tendering all of the diesel powered generators during the critical startup period for Building 1536 on a very short notice was invaluable. I also appreciate your expert advice regarding unloading the generators from the HVAC system which saved tens of thousands of dollars for the COSA and citizens. We could not have accomplished this without the assistance of RediFuel.Thomas G. Wendorf
    Director of Public Works, City of San Antonio

  • Many of our SAABE Members have emergency generator systems for their life/safety systems, data centers, etc. RediFuel has been our main artery for fueling these systems on a periodic program, as well as in the “time of need” arena whereas a failure has occurred and a constant supply of diesel fuel is required around the clock for many days at a time. When you are in need of fuel, RediFuel is ready when you are!Charles H. Mikolajczyk, Jr. CBE-M
    President – San Antonio Association of Building Engineers

  • I would like to mention that RediFuel has been instrumental in responding to our customer’s need for fuel delivery within very short notices. I never hesitate to have our generator customers call on RediFuel to handle their units in both refueling and servicing of their fuel systems. I have received numerous calls from our customers informing me that RediFuel responded to them just as I said they would… ‘With professionalism, courtesy, and concern for their needs.’ Thank you RediFuel or ensuring that when I refer you to our precious customers, not only do you take them into consideration, but us as well.Raul Acosta
    General Service Manager – Waukesha-Pearce Ind., Inc.